May 29, 2012


May 29, 2012

Group show:  

After PhotoshopMetropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY.

  Sept. 25, 2012 - May 27, 2013

May 19, 2012

Last night, R.Crumb heckled Art Spiegelman (warmly) from the audience at @uchicagoarts #ComicsCon. Now that's a conference.

Apr 27, 2012

Heading to Sea for computational photography conf. Looking forward to a brainy affair.

Apr 26, 2012

Nice interview produced for my LA show by @MMooreGallery & @willteeyang:

Apr 25, 2012

Looks great, thx! MT @willteeyang check out the interview i did of Jason Salavon for @MMooreGallery

Apr 24, 2012

At the @columbusmuseum to give a talk. Nice to see these dudes landed on their feet:

Apr 20, 2012

.@ManBartlett @bpiana @gregorg interesting convo & thanks for the props. Fwiw, put that sort of averaging out to pasture in my own work.

Apr 14, 2012

LA solo show at @MMooreGallery opening tonight! A few inst shots:

Apr 07, 2012

En route to Portlandia. Opening tnite!

Mar 30, 2012

Coming the next two weekends to Portland & LA - “@MMooreGallery: Jason Salavon’s Scheme of Things”

Mar 01, 2012

I think bad photoshop is a flagrant foul.

Jan 30, 2012

A talk I did in Oct is now up. Bad shirt?

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