Baroque Painting   2010
Archival inkjet.
59" x 59". 7 + 2 APs.

These two prints sample and reformat color taken from the history of Western painting.  Impressionist Painting uses Claude Monet's 100 most expensive paintings1 to derive (quantize) the 1024-color palette most representative of these paintings in aggregate.  

This palette is then used to generate the image where line-width is proportional to color frequency and position is based on color saturation.  The aim in ordering-by-saturation2 is to introduce depth and a sense of sfumato to a rigidly geometric optical work.  The Baroque Painting work replicates this process using the paintings of Peter Paul Rubens.


1. Taken from auction records in Jan 2010.

2.  Low saturation colors (grays) lie near the center while highly saturated colors lie towards the edges.