The Class of 1988 & The Class of 1967   1998
Silver gelatin prints.
two sizes: 58.5" x 44" & 22.5" x 17" Ed. 4 + 2 APs (lg size). Ed. 8 + 2 APs (sm size)

From a series begun in 1997, these works apply a custom averaging process to graduating yearbook photos from my family history. The Class of 1988 is an amalgamation of all of the young men and women in my high school graduating class. The Class of 1967 is composed of all the members from my mom's graduating class from the same hometown of Fort Worth, Texas.


Tech notes on the amalgamation body of work:

Most of the early amalgamation print work (Playboy, Class, Homes, 76BJs) was made with code I wrote in C on Unix-based SGIs using Paul Haeberli's SGI file format.

Later amalgamation work (Decades, Late Night, Special Moments) was done in C/C++ on Windows boxes with the ImageMagick C++ libraries.  I did The Song of the Century manually with PC audio software (I honestly cannot remember what software, but I did download a few of the cover songs with the original Napster)

For the City and Loop pieces, we actually modelled much of Chicago's Loop as semi-transparent, textured rectangles and rendered this "city" from typical tourist vantage points.  All of this was done in Maya.  The Portrait pieces were done with Processing.