Permanant installation, McCormick Place, Chicago
The Loop, Chicago, 1848-2007   2007
Three lightboxes, digital-C prints.
49" x 49" x 7", 49" x 97" x 7", 49" x 49" x 7" Unique.

In these large photographic prints, the entire Chicago Loop was reconstructed and virtually photographed from typical tourist vantage-points.  The buildings, however, are made semi-transparent, allowing a renewed, abstracted look at the urban canyons.


Tech notes on the amalgamation body of work:

Most of the early amalgamation print work (PlayboyClassHomes76BJs) was made with code I wrote in C on Unix-based SGIs using Paul Haeberli's SGI file format.

Later amalgamation work (DecadesLate NightSpecial Moments) was done in C/C++ on Windows boxes with the ImageMagick C++ libraries.  I did The Song of the Century manually with PC audio software (I honestly cannot remember what software, but I did download a few of the cover songs with the original Napster)

For the City and Loop pieces, we actually modelled much of Chicago's Loop as semi-transparent, textured rectangles and rendered this "city" from typical tourist vantage points.  All of this was done in Maya.  The Portrait pieces were done with Processing.