45x video excerpt
Still Life at the Speed of Sunrise   2005
Custom software and industrial LCD panel.
Continuous loop 1hr 20min. 5 + 2 APs.

A photo-realistic, completely synthetic, presentation of a pitcher and two tumblers. Over the course of 80 minutes these objects are constantly, but imperceptibly, changing in form, position, and material. This ultra-slow, everpresent rate-of-change aims to map the pace of natural phenomena into a more consumer/domestic space.


The two 3d-animated video pieces (Form StudyStill Life), though constructed differently from one another, were both rendered in Maya. Form Study was completely auto-generated with a combination of C & MEL code. The continuous video was assembled with a C/ImageMagick app I wote. Still Life is essentially a hand-made and -designed work with some custom MEL tools thrown-in.