Installation view, Mark Moore Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, February 2016
Installation view, The Public Trust, Dallas, TX, May 2016
Installation view (w/ Couch Gag), TAI Modern, Santa Fe, NM, August 2016
All the Ways (The Simpsons)   2016
Custom Wallpaper.
Dimensions variable. Unique.

These murals present color information for every single episode from the first 26 seasons of The Simpsons (1989-2015, 574 episodes, 17.7M frames).  Each episode is a radiating concentric rectangle and is arranged in sequence by season.  Color shift over the entire mural is based on many factors, particulalrly the switch to high definition in later seasons. 

The pieces belong to a large suite of works (including murals, prints, books & video) reorganizing and manipulating episodes of The Simpsons - as data - in related, but varied ways.  The overall project represents the synthesis and unification of my amalgamation work (PlayboysHomes, etc.) with my color-averaged frame work (TitanicEAO, etc).

By varying parameters, a single software process produces compositions capable of a huge breadth (all the ways) of data representation.  Most importantly, it maps a contiguous space inhabited by these previously distinct styles.

We're currently exploring these frames and audio tracks with deep networks...more to come.