Installation view, Mark Moore Gallery, April 2012
Good and Evil '12   2012
Archival inkjet prints and digital video
82" x 130". Ed. 7 + 2 APs.

A diptych of diametric opposition - statistically speaking.  The left panel contains ~25k thumbnail pictures (arranged a la sunburst) gathered through image search for the 100 most positive words in English1.  The right panel is structurally isomorphic to the left, but sources the 100 most negative words.2

Each radiating stripe (pie wedge) contains images for an individual (good or evil) term.  The video monitors serve to annotate by rotating through all of the unique files, ranging from the lovely to the prosaic to the grotesque and horrific.


1. P. S. Dodds, K. D. Harris, I. M. Kloumann, C. A. Bliss, and C. M. Danforth, "Temporal patterns of happiness and information in a global social network: Hedonometrics and Twitter," PLoS ONE6, e26752, 2011.

2. Good and Evil '12 used as the search engine, although Google image search results overlap significantly with it.  The choice of Bing is due to the Google api limit of 64 image downloads per search.  Perhaps counterintuitively, Bing allows 1000 downloads per search.