screen capture
TODEM   2023
Animation, website, AI, blockchain
100K x 58K pixels. 10 seconds looped. 3 versions. Edition: 1000 unique NFT Tiles.

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TODEM (Tapestry of Decadent Meritocracy) is a colossal AI-generated GIF that unfolds like an animated tapestry, navigable via a map-style interface.  Harnessing generative AI to produce content on an industrial scale, it explores themes of polarity, amorality, and meritocracy while probing emerging possibilities for AI and blockchain in art.

The GIF decomposes to 1000 unique Tiles, each mintable on the Ethereum blockchain. The Tiles themselves contain numerous subtiles whose content is derived via the celebrity & meritocracy of the top 5226 English-language Wikipedia pages (by pageview).

Utilizing a custom-built, in-house rendering system, interface, and minting platform, alongside the latest AI text & image synthesis, TODEM serves as both an ode to and critique of 21st century distributions of wealth, attention, and dignity. The use of generative AI to create such vast animation is a technical necessity, as well as a crucial aspect of the project's meaning.

At 100K x 58K pixels (~2800 HD screens or 5800 megapixels) and 100 frames, TODEM may be the largest animation ever created.