All the Ways (The Simpsons)   2016
Digital video.
23 minutes looped. Ed. 10.

This video amalgamates every single frame from the first 26 seasons of The Simpsons (1989-2015, 574 episodes, 17.7M frames).  The composition includes algorithmically mixed audio and combines both standard & high definition seasons.

Reconsidering a promise to stop making these types of pieces (begun in 1997), the project belongs to a large suite of works (including murals, prints, books & video) reorganizing and manipulating episodes of The Simpsons - as data - in related, but varied ways.  The overall project represents the synthesis and unification of my amalgamation work (Playboys, Homes, etc.) with my color-averaged frame work (Titanic, EAO, etc).

By varying parameters, a single software process produces compositions capable of a huge breadth (all the ways) of data representation.  Most importantly, it maps a contiguous space inhabited by these previously distinct styles.

We're currently exploring these frames and audio tracks with deep networks...more to come.